Our Classes


C'mon - Give it a Spin!

"Just Wanna Try It" - $45.00 (plus tax)
Give it a spin with one on one instruction for an approx. 1 hour simple session. Basic technique taught with no clay preparation. Demonstration on the wheel. Come back approx. 4 -5 weeks later for your glazing of project with limited glaze selection.
​No hidden fees, includes all firings and materials.

Want Just a Bit More?

"A Mud Session" - $70.00 (plus tax)  Ninety minutes for the newbie. After a wheel demonstration, hands on clay preparation. Enjoy one on one instruction learning basic techniques of throwing. Return approx. 4-5 weeks to learn glazing techniques and choose from a large variety of glazes to complete your project. No hidden fees, includes all firings and materials. 

Yeaaa - Group Fun !

What a great way to spend time creating together for families, ladies, church groups etc.  Bring in refreshments and spend a total of  3 hours to make your masterpiece, return approximately 4 weeks later for an additional  3 hours to glaze your project.  Items will then be fired and ready for pick up within a few days. 

Option 1: Everyone creates their awesome bowl or vase on the wheel

            $55.00 per person
Option 2: Everyone creates a bowl on the wheel AND creates a hand-   built platter using your own, unique ideas. 

             $65.00 per person

Parties need to be scheduled and are held on weekends.  Call the studio for additional information.

Scout Troops

Scout Leaders: Muddy Rose Pottery will assist your scouts in earning their pottery badges.  They will  watch a demonstration, create a functional  bowl on the potters wheel,  and learn about the pottery making and kiln process. If you have a large group, (more than 10) we would suggest also doing a handbuilt  project to keep everyone busy.  

Your group will return approximately 4 weeks later for the second part, which is the glazing (painting) of their project.  Bowls will be fired and ready for pick up the following week.

           Cost: $20.00 scout making a bowl
                     $23.00 scout making a bowl and small plate

Please call to schedule at least 3 weeks in advance.

Birthday Parties


Birthday Party Details

Wear your best play clothes and come celebrate your birthday at Muddy Rose Pottery! We offer an array of affordable party options featured below. Although the packages come with different options, all party goers will see a pottery demonstration and take a turn on the pottery wheel. Typically, our parties run for an hour and a half, or if food is being served, two hours.

If you are interested in booking an event, we ask that your group have a minimum of six people, and that you allow four weeks’ notice for all parties with pre-made pottery. A fifty-percent deposit will be required upon booking. Cancellations made 48 hours in advance will receive their deposit back in full; within 24 hours, half of refund will be issued. No-shows will be charged at full price. Please call with any additional questions!

“Muddy Paws” - $35.00 each +

Are your party-goers hands on? Do they mind getting a little dirty? If so, this is the perfect option for them! All party individuals will throw on the potter’s wheel, with guidance and instruction, and make a functional piece of pottery.
The party doesn’t stop here! Everyone will come back in approximately five weeks to glaze their handmade treasures.
Projects are then fired and ready for pick up soon afterwards.

“Pre-made Bowls” - $22.00 each+

We pre-make 2 pound, functional bowls for guests to glaze at the birthday party. Projects are then fired and ready for pickup soon afterwards. All bowls are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Please allow 4 weeks to prepare your order.

”Pre-made Trinket Containers"- $18.00 each+

We pre-make unique trinket holders which will be painted using our large selection of acrylic paints. They can be embellished with charms, ribbon, or beads. Guests take home project the same day. 

Please allow 4 weeks to prepare your order.

And There's More


Fundraising Events

If you are in need of a unique fundraiser for your organization that's guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser, visit the studio and let us assist you.  Together we can find or create the perfect money maker.  Please contact us at least 3 months in advance of your targeted, fundraising date.


Wedding Showers or Favors

 Bridesmaids can have a wedding shower here.  The ladies will enjoy throwing bowls on the pottery wheel while enjoying their time together. 

Refreshments are welcome !

 Brides, if you are in need of unique favors for your wedding, set up a visit at the studio and let's see how we can work together to bring your ideas to a reality for your special day.

Please contact us at least 4 months in advance.  Quote based on project type and quantities needed.


I'm Expecting OR Gender Reveal

What a joyous time for you! Let us help you make your reveal unique and exciting.   Chose from cups, bowls, ornaments or plaques.

Please allow 5 weeks on some specialized pieces.