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New in 2020

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New in 2020

opening our new ecommerce store

Janelle & Janna

One of my favorite students working on the pottery wheel with me.

Book Signing


"The Smiling Camel"

  • In December, we held  our first book signing event with Loretta Anne Orr, author of "The Smiling Camel." A true, warm hearted story about a very special camel at the Cincinnati zoo.  Check it out, it's selling on Amazon. 

An Amazing Student


​I am so proud of Marnee, one of my amazing pottery students, who is now branching into reporting. She selected Muddy Rose Pottery for her voice interview and I cannot be more honored​! Marnee's insightful questions showed me that she definitely understands the mission at Muddy Rose Pottery. Thank you, Marnee, for a job well done !!!