Empowering the Creative Abilities of all Individuals

Special Needs Classes

My passion is working with Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Helping one to discover his/her creative ability, whether it be on the pottery wheel or through hand building, develops self-esteem and builds confidence.

How simplistic, playing in the mud, but how vital the lessons taught. The clay building process not only involves play skills, it promotes communication and socialization, encourages hand/eye coordination, develops fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, and encompasses all five senses.

I believe artistic talent may be masked through negative thinking, stress, or merely the lack of opportunity to experience the arts. The goal at Muddy Rose Pottery is to provide the means for independent, creative growth in a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging a positive outcome for all Individuals.

Our therapeutic clay program is tailored to meet the needs of each Individual. A first time visit to the studio is required before starting a class, so that we can determine the best plan for your loved one or client. We work with private families as well as any agency catering to the Special Needs Community.

 Please call the studio, 412-583-0764 to arrange your visit.  


One of my favorite classes are with my twins, Jackie & Chrissie. I love showing them new projects,